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Zena Scott Archer was one of Britain's leading private investigators. She started her long career as a private detective in post-war Liverpool. 
"Join me" Zena's father said in 1946. "As a typist," he added. Disappointed not to be thought of as a detective Zena waited until her father gave her a case. But did she have the instinct needed to become a detective? 


Find out if Zena solved the case of missing designer dresses. Would posing as a gangling St Trinian’s schoolgirl succeed in catching the fairground swindlers? How did Zena convince a missing young man to return home to his parents?


Over the years Zena learnt what it took to be a detective, balancing the intrigue and excitement of solving colourful cases with the duties and domesticity of a wife, daughter, and sister.

Find out more about Zena's career and the history of female private detectives and see Private Inquiries: The Secret History of Female Sleuths, by Caitlin Davies

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